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So many businesses rely on spreadsheets for collecting and managing their data. 

The problem with spreadsheets is that they leave room for human error and don’t give you full visibility of all your data.

Your valuable information sits in silos. You can’t connect the dots when and where you need to, which can be frustrating. Balls get dropped, opportunities can be lost and the customer experience can suffer.

Sometimes data is also lost when employees leave, which makes your business vulnerable.

But what do you do? There are so many options out there when it comes to managing your business data it’s hard to know where to start and what’s right for you.


Zoho Consulting And Implementation

At Mello, we are experts in Zoho CRM. We specializes in implementation, customisation, development, integration, automation, training and support.

Mello Authorized Zoho Partner

As a leading Zoho partner and expert, Mello consults with businesses on how Zoho tools and features can help you achieve your company goals.

Zoho implementation services help businesses optimise their use of Zoho software, streamline workflows, set up blueprints & custom functions to improve productivity.

Mello’s Zoho integration service connects various systems and tools to Zoho, improving data flow, reducing manual work, and providing a more streamlined and efficient business process.

Zoho CRM training and support services help businesses improve user adoption, maximise software capabilities, and resolve issues quickly, leading to increased productivity and customer satisfaction.

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Let Zoho be the gear that drives your business

Introducing ZOHO, an automated software solution capable of meeting all your business needs.

Transform the way you work with one operating system that runs your whole business. 

ZOHO is an end-to-end, fully customizable CRM solution that can integrate and streamline all your business activities into a more connected and agile workflow – giving you a clear view of the big picture.

What Zoho can do for your business

Manage leads and existing customers effortlessly.

Nurture and convert leads into loyal customers with ZOHO's comprehensive lead management features. Transform your customer service and customer experience through efficient communication and follow up.

Have complete control of your sales pipeline.

Visually track and manage sales, from lead generation to conversion. Close more deals in less time with ZOHO's end-to-end pipeline management features.

360-degree view of your business data

Get a detailed and comprehensive view of valuable information and data across all platforms of your business.

Seamlessly integrate the applications you know and love.

Discover ZOHO's broad suite of over 42 applications guaranteed to improve the processes in your business.

Let Zoho be the gear that drives your business

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