Five different ways to use your CRM other than for sales.

The typical reason many businesses will adopt a CRM system is to ultimately boost sales through customer retention. But there are many different ways your business can benefit from a CRM system that isn’t explicitly sale based.

Whether you are looking at extending your business, bettering communication with other departments within your company or creating a safe and (private) place for your customers to talk about their experience, the right CRM tools will be able to provide you with all the above. Here are five different ways to start using CRM to put your business in a great position for growth and consistency.

Customer feedback

Customer feedback is number one because every business relies heavily on its relationship with its customers. Many CRM platforms offer tools to help you understand your customers better through links to surveys and reviews. Having a place for your customers to talk about their experience, whether positive or negative, on an internal platform rather than publicly is a bit of a superpower. It allows you to get ahead of any complaints and save the reputation of your brand.

Targeted Marketing

CRM systems can track customer clicks – including website clicks, social media clicks, and how customers interact with your email campaigns. Knowing what the trends are with your clients’ clicks will heavily improve your brand’s messaging.

Keeping everything in one place (improves productivity)

A CRM can serve as an open platform where the other necessary departments in your business can access data. CRM systems typically have everything on one platform, so the different departments within your company can access the same or similar data. That’ll help when trying to compare information, strategies and communication.

Customer Database

CRM systems work as a great way to keep important contact information. This will save a log of necessary things like customers, vendors, cooperative brands and future partners. CRM’s can log phone numbers, email addresses and any extra contact detail the business pleases.


The bigger a company is, the harder it is to organise departments. CRM systems can offer calendar and diary management services for your business. Because these systems tend to have everything on one platform, communicating across departments to organise meetings, release dates, and anything else is simplified. If everyone can see what is coming up at the same time, then those exhausting back and forth email conversations can come to an end.

There are just a plethora of different ways to use a CRM system to better your business. Whatever the company, or business size, the right CRM platform can make business operations much more efficient.