How CRM Helps You Get Customers Faster

Customers are the lifeblood of your business, but unlike blood customers don’t just flow in and out the door, bringing your business health and vitality – this is particularly true of new businesses and those that have been affected by outside factors like Covid-19.

Being better at sales and ensuring a steady flow of customers was the driving force behind the creation of customer relationship management (CRM) systems. Here are five ways CRM can help you get customers faster.

1. Webform Capture

Webform capture makes it simple to convert visitors to your site into sales leads. With web forms, you can set up a call-to-action to get visitors to respond. When they’ve done this, their email, and any other information you’ve asked for, will be automatically added to your database.

From there you now have two strong resources — 1) solid information on your sales leads, giving you an idea of your demographics, and 2) a way to contact them directly.

2. Email Automation

CRM systems offer email automation. You couldn’t possibly email each customer individually, but email automation can. Send emails to your entire list to make them aware of your offers, or even segment your lists if you want to get specific.

Email segmentation allows you to send targeted emails to specific sub-groups in order to give them offers and information relevant to their niche. To refine the process, you can also incorporate A/B testing in order to see what elements of your emails are stoking the most interaction.

3. Data Analytics on Campaigns and Leads

Tools are no good if you don’t know what to do with them and figuring it out on your own can take too long. That’s why CRM provides data analytics on campaigns and leads. With data on your campaigns, like the aforementioned A/B testing, you can see how your campaigns are performing in real-time.

Moreover, you can see specifics such as the open rate of your emails, and how many are making it to the inbox, etc. These are things that are easily overlooked, but crucial. Knowing all of this will help you know what your subscribers want, allowing you to adjust your strategy in order to give them just that.

4. Greater Customer Satisfaction

Knowing your customers, knowing what to give them, and then doing so with CRM will lead to greater customer satisfaction. Satisfied customers will stick with your business, which of course means good customer retention, and thus more revenue. It also means a greater return on investment, as these are customers whose attention you won’t have to spend as many resources on.

Put simply, these satisfied customers are spending more and costing you less. You’ll therefore have more resources to put towards gathering new customers. You can even recruit these existing customers into your efforts directly.

5. Customer Referral Programs

With CRM you can create referral programs that existing customer can use to refer new customers to you. You provide an incentive to an existing customer, for example, discount coupons, subscription extensions, etc., for every new person who signs up through them. This is a great way to boost customer satisfaction even more and bring in new customers.

With this it’s — the more customers you have, the more customers you’ll get, leading to fantastic scaling opportunities.

There you have five ways in which CRM can help you get customers faster. As you can see, all the ways are interlinked, leading to a bundle of benefits that feed each other and help your customer base grow.