Using Telephony in CRM to Stay Connected

Despite the rise of new forms of communication, the classics still endure. Today we’re going to be looking at five ways the good old telephone (with a few modern additions) can help your business stay connected.

Telephones can help facilitate communication, take some of the load off your staff, and give your customers a personalised experience. Without further ado, let’s get into it.

Personalize Greeting

With modern telephony CRM solutions, incoming calls are accompanied by a popup with information about the caller. Their name, company, pricing plan, and location for example. This will allow your call agents to personalise the call from the first second, by greeting the customer by name.

Customers will appreciate the personalised touch. Moreover, your agent gets a head start by anticipating what the customer may need, what solutions are appropriate, and their track record.

Take Notes for Specific Requests

A conventional method, with a techno-twist, telephony solutions allow your agents to take notes during calls. This is important because all of your customers have different needs. They may have special delivery instructions, or particulars about payment.

Diligent note taking will enable a meaningful complete customer journey. Your customer will get exactly what they need, and your efficiency will be maintained and improved – speak of complete coverage!

Follow Up

Follow ups are an important part of working out any sale. Multiple follow-ups are necessary. While follow-ups can be done through tools like email, the phone is a better approach. It’s more direct, allowing the agent and customer to work out details in real time.

With a personal direct approach, follow ups are more likely to succeed. Emails and other forms are too easy for a customer to ignore or miss. A phone call creates a direct interaction, plus it’s more likely to foster a more amicable feeling in the customer, knowing they’re talking directly to another human who cares.

Use Autoresponders

Not directly related to closing a sale or resolving a complaint, it still pays to phone customers just to express appreciation. Many consumers are mistrustful of unsolicited calls, and rightfully so. We’ve all been there, always feeling like someone wants something.

Your brand will stand out then, when you begin making calls simply to thank customers for their support. It’s a little positive interaction that’ll improve their day and foster a more humane image for your company by showing customers that you care.

Express Appreciation

Excellent service is likely to win you loyalty from your customers, which means better customer retention. This will help cut spending because you’ll have a sitting base of buyers who you don’t have to work to win over. CRM can help facilitate this retention by monitoring trends among customers so that you can keep giving them what they want or adjusting to give them something new if you notice they’re seeking something you’re not offering yet.

Email automation through CRM can help you stay present in your customers’ minds and be used for outreach in the form of surveys to stay on top of your customers’ desires.

There you have five ways telephony can improve your CRM. It’ll create a more personal approach, help manage calls that can’t be dealt with immediately, and provide the ability to foster a meaningful relationship with your client base.